Don’t Be a Victim of Distracted Driving!

April 5, 2019 | Distracted Driving

In 2016, distracted driving caused 3,450 accidents resulting in death, and 391,000 resulting in injury in 2015, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

While any activity that takes a person’s attention off driving is considered distracted driving, cell phones are particularly disruptive.

West Virginia laws against distracted driving uniformly forbid the use of any and all handheld devices while driving. State texting and driving laws are primary and, therefore, considered adequate legal cause for law enforcement officers to pull over motorists over and issue tickets, even if they are not engaged in any other visible violations.

The ban extends to all vehicles while are running, meaning that motorists may not use their devices while stopped at traffic lights or stop signs. However, motorists may use their phones if safely parked out of the flow of traffic.