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– Dan Castleberry

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Choosing the Right Kinds and Amounts of Car Insurance

There are many experienced, knowledgeable and caring automobile insurance agents in our area.  

Most of them and their professional staff do a very good job of explaining to their clients and policyholders the different kinds of automobile insurance that are available and the amounts of coverage their clients should consider purchasing.  

Some insurance agents are affiliated with only one company (State Farm, Nationwide, Erie, etc.), and some are independent agents who represent a variety of different companies. However, with the advent of “online” and discount insurance companies, our experience is that many policyholders never get a proper or thorough explanation of insurance coverages which are available and do not get adequate advice about how much insurance and what types of insurance they should have on the vehicles they own.  

Lack of information can and, unfortunately, often does lead to inadequate insurance coverage, which leads to financial disaster in case of a serious car accident or truck accident, particularly where the at-fault party is uninsured, or underinsured.  

Read on to learn more about types of car insurance you should have and examples of what could happen if you don’t have the right amount. 

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