“I was stuck in a wheel chair…but Jim never gave up. Now, I can focus on my family and healing.”

– Dan Castleberry

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What Goes Into A West Virginia Nursing Home Lawsuit Case?

Filing a legal claim for nursing home abuse is something that no one wants to do; however, there is a time that this may need to happen.

Previously, we wrote a blog about nursing home abuse, which is a national cause for concern, and how unfortunate it can be, as well as warning signs that you should be watching for.

Now, read on to learn more about when it is time to sue, what to expect from a West Virginia nursing home lawsuit case and why it has to happen.

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Commercial Truck Collisions: Who’s At Fault?

Did you know that a commercial driver is not required to go to school to obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL)?

That being said, it is extremely difficult to get a job or pass the required exams without attending some type of trucking school first.

There are a few options for receiving training: Enrolling in a private truck driving school or taking an employer apprenticeship. We’re here to weigh the pros and cons, as well as to discuss what you can do to steer clear of commercial truck collisions.

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